Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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I refuse to believe corporations are people until one is executed to the sounds of cheers of the Tea Party.

Ooh, or unless they’re assigned gender and a merger is denied because two same-gender corporations cannot enter into such a contract. Or unless one is denied the right to organize with others in the name of “cost-cutting.” Just a thought… 

Update: I’m not the only one thinking something similar.

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Random thought

McDonald’s has 50-piece Chicken McNugget deal for $9.99. I’m pretty sure this is a great way to gauge people’s political orientations:

  • Liberal - That’s criminal! Imagine how much fat is in those! There better be nutrition information on those things…
  • Conservative - God, their profit margins must be huge on those things. I mean, it’s nearly four bucks for just a 10-piece.
  • Libertarian - If people want to kill themselves with food, it’s their right. 
  • Green Party - Are the containers biodegradable? Are people adequately informed of the unnatural ingredients?

And there’s my stereotyping of political orientations for the day…

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One of life’s greatest questions never answered: At 1:54, is that John Candy’s slightly hipster ghost in the background?

Oh Billy Corgan, how I loved you in the “Today” period. Although I have to give you props for the whole feud with Courtney Love on Twitter thing, very drama-queenesque.

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