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Judge Who Set Unsecured Bail For Jerry Sandusky Is a Second Mile Volunteer

When Jerry Sandusky was initially arraigned, as previously reported by Sara Ganim, prosecutors requested $500,000.00 bail and that Sandusky be required to wear a leg monitor. District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, however, ordered that Sandusky be freed on $100,000.00 unsecured bail. She ordered that Sandusky be freed and pay nothing unless he failed to show up for a court hearing.

Judge Dutchcot is a volunteer for Sandusky’s group, The Second Mile. Sandusky turned himself in the morning of November 5, a Saturday, at Judge Dutchot’s Centre County office. He was released, under the aforementioned terms, shortly thereafter.

I’m not a lawyer, but due to her relationship with the defendant’s charity (it’s believed she was acting as a pro bono attorney) and the high-profile nature of this case, just to avoid the appearance of impropriety, I think she should have stepped aside. It’s odd that a defendant suspected of so many severe charges of sex crimes with children (roughly 40 felony counts) would be allowed to walk free, particularly someone with the means to jump bail. 

Disgusting all around.

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