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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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 szechwean replied to your link: Rush Limbaugh to 14-year-old girl: “This show has no boundaries,” you’re a “Rush baby” AND “Rush babe”

Wait, I mean…Rush acknowledges more than TWO gender categories?

 ancient-amateur replied to your link: Rush Limbaugh to 14-year-old girl: “This show has no boundaries,” you’re a “Rush baby” AND “Rush babe”

Wait, he really said three sexes?

I doubt it was purposeful, more like a Freudian slip. Or something. But yes, he said it. I went back and listened to the audio:

Any readers wanna try to call in and ask? Just pretend to be a 14-year-old Rush babe to get past the screeners…

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szechwean asked: I find it interesting also that one of excerpts in the Snopes article made mention of the fact that Obama's father was not a US citizen so therefore Obama is not a natural born citizen. I was not aware that citizenship was (still) inherited paternally.

If that’s the case, Mitt Romney should be worried. George Romney, Mitt’s father, would not have been an American citizen if that were true. He was born in Mexico, but because his parents were U.S. citizens, he was a citizen. If the citizenship issue were interpreted as strictly as birthers suggest, well, George was not born on American soil — therefore not American. Then, if citizenship is inherited paternally, well, Mitt’s not an American.

And they just disqualified Mitt.

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szechwean asked: What's maybe saddest about that girl's profile is that it says she studies anthropology. So you'd think she should know something about cultural relativism and how you're not supposed to judge one group as being superior to another because they're not; they're just different. Shit, I took one lower-division intro to cultural anthropology class as an undergrad and -I- know this. In the immortal words of GOB Bluth, "Come on!"

Exactly! Why do I get the feeling it’s something like, “Oh, I’m not racist because I totally feel bad about genocide committed against American Indian tribes, plus this looks so cute, amirite?! And I have Asian friends that don’t care if I make my eyes look Asian-y and talk in a cartoon-y accent! GOD! You’re the RACIST because YOU brought it up! I wasn’t even THINKING like that!”

I’ve heard it all before, and I have a sneaking suspicion she believes at least part of that. 

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