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Nixon finally caught his tail. Despite his best efforts, it remains firmly attached to his butt. #catsofinstagram #video (at Casa del Andrew y Meg)

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I love how true to the theme of the entire film Ledger’s Joker and the motivation behind him were. Because the motivation could never really be quantified, and that’s what makes it so memorable and terrifying.

Whereas Batman Begins’ central thematic obstacle is fear and The Dark Knight Rises deals with pain, this movie is all about chaos - throwing a wrench into the machine and watching it fall to its knees, not because you’re oppressed by the machine, not because you are morally opposed to the machine, but because destroying the machine is a thing that you have the ability to do, so why not do it?

The Joker wouldn’t be nearly as unsettling or effective if he was humanized with a backstory, so he is introduced as an anomaly, a singularity collapse of reason, and he stays that way so you understand just how little you can be sure of about what he’s doing. Because what you’re in the dark about is so much scarier.

Oh my god fucking ignore me I just really like this movie

I haven’t seen Rises yet, but I liked The Dark Knight far better than Begins for this very reason

What I really like is that Joker utilizes classic game theory designs in every single scheme he sets up. They’re numerous scenarios where either everyone has to be completely selfless or everything falls apart. Even the opening scene is just a variation on The Pirate Game.

It’s just a guy who wants to play games on everyone to see if the ideal scenario will ever come out, which he knows it invariably won’t without dismantling the game in entirety.

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This is what a time lapse of a wildfire looks like. Specifically, the Squirrel Creek Fire.

Holy hell.

From the poster:

This is a time lapse view of the Squirrel Creek Fire as seen from our home in the Laramie Valley on the night of July 2-3. The rising moon adds some illumination early in the night, then the flames really flare up on the east side of Sheep Mountain as the sun begins to rise…

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Ron Paul Sues To Unmask Anonymous Internet Users

Ron Paul’s supporters were burning up Twitter yesterday to emphasize he’s the only presidential candidate to not support SOPA or PIPA. Their claims are false - Buddy Roemer blacked out his site in support of the protest - but that’s beside the point. If you make a video in support of Ron Paul, and he doesn’t like your message, he’ll take your ass to federal court. 


Ron Paul Trademark and Defamation claim

How does this jive with his image as a defender of liberty again? Isn’t the right to speak out on the internet anonymously - no matter how vile the message - something a defender of liberty should protect? In this case, a supporter of Ron Paul uploaded a racist, offensive video which questioned Jon Huntsman’s values based on his speaking Chinese, and slammed him for adopting two daughters from China and India. 

The Ron Paul campaign condemned the video quickly. However, this lawsuit brings the video to the forefront again, though Huntsman has left the race, and the suit itself seems to contradict several principles for which Paul claims to champion.

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Conservative culture warrior explains “How to talk about same-sex marriage at Thanksgiving.”

Take note, Tumblrs. Three easy steps! Remember step three: If you take issue with the Turkey Day proselytizing of your 700 Club-watching great aunt, you’re being intolerant. So start being more tolerant of marriage fundamentalists and shut up. Amirite???

Oh jeebus… I can’t even… 

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Federal Appeals Court Has Deemed Prohibiting Cameras or Filming Unconstitutional

This states very clearly that not only is it a right of citizens to record public officials, but makes the case that such activity should be actually encouraged to maintain democracy. Without our First Amendment we are nothing. Having an elected official that you cannot petition or that you cannot have First Amendment rights when around is like being a sports player and hiring an agent who you have never met and will never talk to.

But perhaps we deserve it. I mean, how did we become so complacent as a nation that the majority of people have little to no understanding of the First Amendment? We have decades of unconstitutional policies and we must all stand up across the country to protect our Freedom of Speech.

Read the decision here. At today’s #opBART protests in San Francisco, protesters reported being told to not film police because it’s illegal. I refer you to the court’s decision, which is quite a big deal. 

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My friend Nathan Smith made a fantastic, heartwarming video: “What is Love?” He’s one of our local GLBTQ activists and Safe Zone trainers here in Laramie, as well as being a rather funny guy. You should reblog this. Seriously. More people should watch this because I think he is pretty awesome.

So, check it out, and follow him on Twitter: @natesmith86 

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