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A very British Tea Party: US anti-tax activists advise UK counterparts | London conference sees American rightwing movement share tactics with British and European tax lobby groups

British anti-tax campaigners are taking advice from leaders of the rightwing Tea Party movement in the US in a bid to import the mass-protest techniques that have seen a million activists march on Washington DC to call for lower taxes and smaller government.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance, an influential campaign group that calls for tax cuts and low government spending, is being advised by Freedom Works, a powerful Washington organisation credited with helping to destabilise the Obama administration through its mobilisation of 800,000 grassroots activists.

Libertarian US Tea Party organisations attended a conference in London today to share tactics with British and European taxpayer lobby groups, and described their activities as “an insurgent campaign” against their government’s tax and spending policies

As an American, I’m really sorry about this. 

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